Established in 1969, DAL Investment Company pioneered the use of noload mutual funds to professionally manage investment portfolios for clients.

Our performance is rooted in a systematic investment discipline known as Upgrading. This strategy allows us to be invested in the best performing mutual funds available – whatever the current market conditions.

We offer three services which provide access to the benefits of the Upgrading strategy.

  • Investment Advisory Services
    DAL provides personalized portfolio management for private client accounts.
  • NoLoad FundX
    Published since 1976, our widely-read newsletter delivers the tools investors need to apply our Upgrading methodology to their own portfolios.
  • Mutual Funds
    Available to all investors through many discount brokers, this series of open-end mutual funds is managed by DAL’s portfolio management team.  It follows the same Upgrading principles we use to manage our private client portfolios.